So I have decided to start a blog. Actually I’m not at all the typical blogger… (I even hate the word “blog” – gotta get used to it ;) ). I’ve always been more of the shy lonely fighter; I find it fulfilling to go out on my own with some nice training session in mind, leave my sweat in the woods and return home happily without saying a word – the endorphines are enough to make me satisfied. But sharing one’s thoughts and experiences has its advantages, so I will try to give the shy lonely fighter a bit of an exhibitionist twist ;) .

By the way, if you don’t understand the name of my blog – the Spanish word “arriba” means “up(wards)/uphill” :) .

Special thanks to Javier from Velodromstudio / Velodrom Bike Tours for providing many of the photos on this site!


About me

Born in the beautiful country Austria, which offers everything a cyclist needs to be happy during summer, but has this awful white stuff lIMG_9443cying around during winter, I am lucky to study in Barcelona, a place which offers good training conditions all year round. For my races I travel around Europe to do the kind of events that I like most – long hill time trials and mountainous “Gran Fondos”. When I am not training or studying for my PhD, one of the things I enjoy is reading about training science and how the human body works. On my site I will not only share my training and racing experiences with you, but also interesting theoretical aspects about training, nutrition, etc. that I might come across.

More about me here.


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