Sometimes I am so focused on performance that I forget to be grateful for the things that I have. Sometimes I am so worried about whether my MAP is 3w higher or lower that I do not even realize how great it is to just have a healthy and (comparatively) strong body and all the opportunities that it provides me.

I – and probably you – we can go for a 100km, 150km, 200km ride without feeling excessively tired, we can see and experience so much, so much of the world, so many sensations within our own body… We don’t have to fear the steep climbs, because there is no question we will make it – we don’t even consider the possibility that we couldn’t! (The only thing that might worry us is if we do it at x bpm and y watts or y+5 watts.) By pure willpower we can fill our body with exhilarating endogenous substances that make us so high that we can’t sleep.

I have had several stubborn, frustrating injuries during the years that I practice sport. And I could get injured or sick tomorrow… Now that spring has arrived and I have been feeling particularly well on my rides, I am realizing once more how absolutely marvellous it is to be able to ride painfree and effortlessly, to enjoy the nature, the beautiful weather and the company of people I like.

Not everyone can.

I just wanted to write this down as a reminder for myself when I am worrying about 3w more or less. I want to be more grateful for the opportunities that my fitness gives me.

Maybe these thoughts will make you feel more satisfied too.

Thanks to Joel who first made me think about this long time ago ;) .

On the way back to BCN after a beautiful ride along the coast with Salatiel.

On the way back to BCN after a particularly beautiful ride along the coast with Salatiel.


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