About me

The content below is no longer updated. I have returned to mathematical research.


Name: Anna Kiesenhofer
Born on February 14, 1991 in Austria
Nationality: Austrianme0

I did my undergraduate studies in mathematics in Vienna, then went on to obtain my Master’s degree at the University of Cambridge, UK. From 2016 till spring 2017 I lived in Catalonia, where I completed a PhD in mathematics at UPC Barcelona.

As for the name of my blog (in case you don’t understand it): “arriba” is Spanish for “up(wards)”/”uphill”. The word expresses my love for climbing with a bit of Spanish flair ;) .

In terms of sports…

2011-2013: Triathlon, duathlon
2014-??: Cycling (first cyclosportives in the mountains, at the end of 2015 I started with road racing)

Selection of race results (more can be found here):  Stage win on Mont Ventoux during Tour de l’Ardèche 2016, 2nd GC; winner of the Copa de España 2016; Austrian TT runner-up champion 2016.

Favourite races: Mountainous (stage) races, ITT. Que la meilleure gagne! ;)

Dislikes: Flat tactical races.

Transvorarlberg Triathlon 2012.

More about me

Actually I like running even a tiny little bit more than cycling – the movement is just much more natural and holistic – but I have been injured too often and the breaks from training are frustrating. This is why I turned towards cycling after three years of duathlons and triathlons. Apart from the “serious” training with focus on performance I like movement in general; I love being outside in the nature, it just feels good to be strong and fast, to be capable of running, lifting, having control over my body… (Actually I’m capable of far too little outside my specialty…)

I am a minimalist in many ways – apart from my bikes ;) . I don’t like cities, cars, motorbikes, TV, radio, mobile phones, warm showers in the morning… I am the strange person standing barefoot in the metro – and if not barefoot then in Fivefingers or Saucony Hattori. I hardly ever buy food with more than one ingredient. I don’t use make-up, (commercial) shampoo or (commercial) toothpaste. I am a complete hippie at heart ;) . (I wouldn’t say no to a set of carbon wheels though haha.)

What more is there to know? I am a person who likes to pursue a specific, challenging goal with 100% dedication. I tend to have an “everything or nothing” attitude, although in reality of course I have to compromise. Actually I think one reason I started racing was because I needed a new goal. I am also a very curious person and the area that interests me most right now is understanding how the human body works. I love chemistry, physics and maths too (despite my studies haha).

Hiking… Thanks Andi for the picture, I’m sure I have your permission ;) .

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